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Mortgage Renewal – Fredericton

Many people have mortgages that will need renewal in the spring. This means that you may be receiving mortgage renewal papers in the mail from your current mortgage provider asking you to complete a mortgage renewal with them. Before signing and sending back any forms they send...

CMHC New Premium – Adam Jardine

As some of you know, on February 28th CMHC increased its Mortgage Insurance Premium. Here’s what it will mean to you when purchasing a home with a 5% down payment:   Loan Amount (Purchase Price) $150,000 $250,000 $350,000 $450,000 Current Premium $4,125 $6,875 $9,625...

Mortgage Broker OR a Rep?

What are the reasons for choosing a mortgage broker? If you are a Canadian homeowner or a buyer, stuck in stages of mortgage years, it may feel that all and sundry wants a piece of you. That is because mortgages are large. Lenders will entice you with low mortgage rates or...

Don’t like House Hunting in the cold?

During the cold weather months it always makes for slow months in the housing market. Who can really blame people for not wanting to march through the cold temperatures and ice-coated sidewalks over and over again to find their perfect home? We all know that spring is the time...

Mortgage Brokers – Adam Jardine

Back in 1970s, mortgage brokers were generally used for last-resort financing, but, eventually, they took on a role, more of consulting, by providing education on how to become mortgage free-faster and finding the best rate as well. In today’s mortgage market, getting a...

Manage your money like a pro? – Adam Jardine

About a year and a half ago, I went on a mission to find a new money management software program. Up to this point, we had been using Simply Accounting and I felt that with each new version they make, it became more and more complicated. Money is important to everyone, and saving...

Tom Crist wins/donates $40 million – Tanner Tucker

While most of us this holiday season are working around budgets and making sure we have enough left to pay our mortgages after our Christmas shopping is completed, Tom Crist of Calgary doesn’t have those worries anymore after recently winning a LottoMax $40 million jackpot…...

Why a low rate is so important – Adam Jardine

You know, as a mortgage broker, I sit back and watch a home buyers negotiate the best price for their new home. I see them counter back and forth sometimes over a very few thousand dollars, but when it comes to what really matters, I watch that same person go into the bank for a...

Christmas Shopping by Tanner Tucker

The calendar has turned to December and all the trees are all lit…that must mean one thing: time to start shopping for Christmas gifts!  And I don’t mean just shopping for that special someone or child in your household, but also for yourself. Mortgage rates are still at an...