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When you are talking about NB lowest 5 year fixed rate mortgage, you are talking about locking in the lowest fixed rate for 5 years. When you get a fixed rate mortgage, you get the keep that rate for X amount of time. This rate will not change over the course of your mortgage. Example if you lock in at 3% for 5 years, you will pay 3% for those 5 years, nothing more nothing less. This can be helpful for us who constantly worry about our rates fluctuating.

At Team Jardine, we can help you get a NB lowest 5 year fixed rate mortgage. We have connections with up to 40 banks and we do the shopping for you. We also are one of the few company’s that have no brokerage fees.

When choosing your mortgage, you have to think about how long you want your mortgage. It can be very costly to break your mortgage before the term is up. You do not want to have that hassle.

The NB lowest 5 year fixed rate mortgage is definitely among the most popular options. The benefit of a 5 year fixed mortgage rate is that you know exactly what you are paying. The con could be that you might be paying more if the variable rate goes down. A fixed rate is for the people who have a budget and need to know what they are paying each month.

When you’re looking around for a mortgage, the NB lowest 5 fixed rates are a good place to begin your search, because you will see the widest selection of options. It’s also a battleground for “mortgage wars” with banks and brokers dramatically dropping their five-year fixed rates to entice new customers.

Mortgage brokers could be an option for you. They will shop around and do all the dirty work for you. Team Jardine would love to work with you to find the right option for you. We will go above and beyond at no cost to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

nb lowest 5 year fixed mortgage