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Are Mortgage Rates Going up Soon? Up or Down?

Once you have a graduated college, found a career, bought a car, the next big life choice is usually buying a home. With buying a home comes a boat load of questions, even if it is not your first home. Do I want a 5-year fixed mortgage, 5-year variable mortgage, are mortgage...

When did mortgage brokers start ?

Wondering when did mortgage brokers start? A mortgage broker is a “middle-man” that works with buyers and lenders to ensure that the borrower gets the best deal. This is done by an intricate and detailed process. The mortgage broker has to gather all of the financial...

What Does a Mortgage Broker Do

If you are looking to buy a house in Canada, then you must have heard about mortgage brokers. Earlier on, people used to go to the banks directly to get a mortgage or loan. Now you have the option of hiring a broker. But before you start looking for one, you must ask what does a...

How to Find a Mortgage Broker in Canada

Wondering how to find a Mortgage Broker in Canada? A mortgage broker is someone who helps you secure a loan when you are ready to buy a house. They are not the actual lender. Rather, they act as a middle-man between lenders and people who are looking to borrow. Mortgage brokers...

Can You Get A Mortgage If You Are Bankrupt?

“Can you get a mortgage if you are Bankrupt?” In bankruptcy, it may seem like all of your options have closed up. Banks may turn you down or brokers may send you back. Don’t lose hope. It may seem unbelievable, but you can still get a mortgage even if you are...

Should I Get My Mortgage through a Mortgage Broker or the Bank

We all get a little too cautious when it comes to making some serious decisions involving loans, credits, finances, and mortgages. One question is ” Should I get my mortgage through a Mortgage Broker or the Bank? ” An error in judgment can get you deep in trouble and...